Download and Installation Instructions for WinEcon

The latest WinEcon software includes the courses:

  • Business Economics
  • Introductory Economics
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Economics for Schools
  • Mathematics for Economics and Business
  • Sloman Economics 7ed
  • Sloman Economics and the Business Environment 2ed
  • Sloman Essentials for Economics 4ed and 5ed
  • Sloman and Hinde Economics for Business 4ed and 5ed

These courses are available for review for an initial 7 day trial period. Institutions may request an extension to this evaluation period by contacting  The software can be re-activated by applying a further institutional evaluation licence code or the licence code that would be emailed to you should you decide to purchase a licence for a course or courses.

Step 1 - Downloading the software

Download this file, winecon716.exe (27.9MB), to a temporary location on your hard disk. If the browser asks whether to Save or to Open or Run the file, choose Save and pick a folder to save the file into.

Step 2 - Installing the software

If you are installing WinEcon to a securely configured Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 machine then you will now need to log in as Administrator before attempting to install WinEcon.

Once the download is complete, click Open or use "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" to locate the winecon716.exe file that you downloaded in step 1. Note that on many Windows systems, the ".exe" part of the file name will not be shown - so the file will appear to be called just "winecon716" and not "winecon716.exe".

Double-click on the winecon716.exe file to start the WinEcon installation program. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Click "Next" unless you wish to change the default settings. Click "Finish"

Step 3 - Run your WinEcon software

You can now start WinEcon by double clicking on the WinEcon icon or by using the Windows start menu (Start | Programs | WinEcon 7.1)

WinEcon will start up in sampler mode.

Step 4 - Select the course you wish evaluate

From the Courses tab page in WinEcon select the course which you wish to evaluate. You will now be able to use WinEcon for evaluation for 7 days.

If you decide to purchase a WinEcon licence you will be emailed a licence code which can be applied to your software at any time to reactivate it.

To purchase a licence, please visit our Shop.

Uninstalling WinEcon

If you were logged in as Administrator when you installed WinEcon then you will probably need to be logged in as Administrator in order to be allowed to remove WinEcon.

WinEcon 6.1 or previous version of WinEcon 7.1 can be removed from your computing using the "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" link in Windows Control Panel.

- Click Start
- Pick Control Panel from the menu
- Open "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features"
- Select "WinEcon 6.1" (or the version of WinEcon 7.1 to be replaced)
- Click Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions

When the ReadOnly File Detected pop-up displays, tick the ‘Don’t display this message again’ box and click the 'Yes' button to remove all WinEcon read only files.