Licensing FAQs

The advice below may be of assistance if you need help licensing your PC based software.

I get the message "Your sampler licence has expired"

When you install WinEcon it will start up and can be used in sampler mode for 7 days. This is to give you time to check that your software is installed correctly. If you do not apply your licence code during this time, you will get this message. But don't worry, you can collect and licence your WinEcon software at any time after it is installed, even after the sampler licence has expired. Do not close WinEcon; click on the 'Licence' button on the Welcome to WinEcon Courses page (this is the page WinEcon first opens on) to open the Licence Details page. Collect your licence code according to the instructions you received when you placed your order and copy and paste the code (6 letters and 15 blocks of 4 numbers each) into the Licence Details WinEcon page and click the 'Update' button.

How do I get my licence code?

When you purchased your software you would have been given a Personal Password. This would be emailed and/or included in the order confirmation page. You should use this Personal Password to collect a licence code and enter this licence code (not the Personal Password) into WinEcon.