Licensing your WinEcon Student Pack software

DO NOT licence your software until you are sure it has installed successfully and is running correctly. Under the Terms and Conditions for the specially priced WinEcon Student Pack software no techincal or after sales support is available and Personal Passwords and licence codes WILL NOT be re-issued. If you fail to licence your software correctly or need to re-install your software and re-licence your software for whatever reason, you will need to purchase a new licence.

DO NOT licence your software until it is installed on the machine you are going to use the software on. You will not be able to transfer, copy or re-install your software successfully once it is licensed. Remember, you can only use your licence once and it will not be re-issued.

Tip: If you can not download the software on the machine you want to use it on, you can copy/transfer the downloaded software across from another machine or memory pen, etc. Just make sure you do not licence the software until it is installed on the machine you want to use it on.

Having ordered your WinEcon Student Pack using PayPal you will be sent an email to the email address you supplied when placing your order giving details of the licensing procedure. This email should be received within 48 hours. Be careful to check for this email as it will not be re-sent. If you use spam filters, please check that you have not inadvertently filtered out our licensing email.

Keep a record of your Personal Password in case you want to use it again to collect a new licence code at a later date - you may need to re-install your software again on the same PC after a hardware error or on a new computer if you change PCs. You can only use your Personal Password once to collect a licence code.

To collect your licence code please see License Student Software.

Applying your licence code

Start up WinEcon and click on the Licence button on the start up page.

Copy the licence code and click the Paste button on the Licence Details page of WinEcon.

Click 'Update' to apply the licence code.

Your licence details will now be displayed. Close the Licence Details page to continue using WinEcon.