The WinEcon software is supplied as a download.

If you order direct from the WinEcon website you will receive your download and installation instructions on the order confirmation page and/or by email.

If you purchase your software through (who will charge you handling charges) we will contact you through Amazon by email with download and installation instructions.

The software will install in sampler mode and can be used fully in this mode for 7 days from installation. The software can be licensed at any time after installation, even after the 7 day sampler period has expired.

It is strongly recommended that you check that your WinEcon software is installed and working correctly before you license your software. You may wish, therefore, to use your software in sampler mode for a few days before collecting and applying your licence.

Instructions to download and install the software

Step 1 - Download the software

Download this file, winecon716.exe (27.7MB), to a temporary location on your hard disk. If the browser asks whether to Save or to Open or Run the file, choose Save and pick a folder to save the file into.

Step 2 - Install the software

If you are installing WinEcon to a securely configured Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 machine then you will now need to log in as Administrator before attempting to install WinEcon.

Once the download is complete, click Run to start the installer or use "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" to locate the winecon716.exe file that you downloaded in step 1 and double-click on it to start the installer. Note that on many Windows systems, the ".exe" part of the file name will not be shown - so the file will appear to be called just "winecon716" and not "winecon716.exe". Then follow the on-screen instructions. Click "Next" unless you wish to change the default settings. Click "Finish"

Your software should now be installed. Please check that the software is correctly installed by starting up and running WinEcon. It is important that you do this before it is licensed.

Step 3 - Run your WinEcon software

To start up WinEcon double click on the WinEcon icon (or locate WinEcon from the Start Programs menu). The software will start up in Sampler mode and can be used fully in this mode for up to 7 days.

Click on the course you wish to use. All courses are accessible in sampler mode. Once the licence is applied only the courses included in the licence will be available. The software will shut down after 7 days unless you apply your licence code. The software can be licenced at any time, even after the 7 day sampler period has expired.