Download and Installation Instructions for Students whose institution has purchased a NetworkPlus licence

Your institution has purchased a NetworkPlus licence to allow its student to download and install the WinEcon software onto student PCs.

You may download and install the WinEcon software onto your PC following the steps below. Once the software is installed, you should licence your software using the licence code supplied to you by your institution. Please contact your institution if you require assistance.

Step 1 - Downloading the software

To download WinEcon 716, click on this link, winecon716.exe (27.9MB). If the browser asks whether to Save or to Open or Run the file, choose Save and pick a folder to save the file into.

Step 2 - Installing the software

If you are installing WinEcon to a securely configured Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 machine then you will now need to log in as Administrator before attempting to install WinEcon.

Once the download is complete, click Open or use "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" to locate the winecon716.exe file that you downloaded in step 1. Note that on many Windows systems, the ".exe" part of the file name will not be shown - so the file will appear to be called just "winecon716" and not "winecon716.exe", for example.

Double-click on the winecon716.exe file to start the WinEcon installation program. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Click "Next" unless you wish to change the default settings. Click "Finish"

Step 3 - Run your WinEcon software

Start WinEcon by double clicking on the WinEcon icon or by using the Windows start menu (Start | Programs | WinEcon 7.1)

WinEcon will start up in sampler mode.

Click on the course you wish to use. All courses are accessible in sampler mode. Once the licence is applied only the courses included in your institution's NetworkPlus licence will be available. The software will shut down after 7 days unless you apply your licence code. The software can be licenced at any time, even after the 7 day sampler period has expired.

Licensing your WinEcon software

Your institution will supply you with a licence code. This is for your personal use only. You must not make this licence code available to any other person or you and your institution will be in breach of the NetworkPlus Licence Terms and Agreement. Note that this licence code is uniquely identifiable to your institution and the WinEcon Consortium reserves the right to charge you or your institution an additional fee in such instances.

Enter the licence code into WinEcon as follows:

- Copy (Ctrl+C) the licence code (as a single line) to your clipboard.
- On the first screen of WinEcon, click on the Licence button.
- Click the Paste button.
- In WinEcon, click Update to set your licence code.

WinEcon should now show your current licence details. You can view these at any time by clicking on the Licence button. Click on the Close button to close the pop-up window.

Courses included with your software

You will have access to the same WinEcon courses as your institution and these will be shown on the start-up Courses page of your WinEcon software.

You can manage the number of courses you have access to by removing (temporarily or permanently) any courses listed. You might want to do this if your institution is using multiple courses (up to 13 are available) across a number of departments but you just want to use, say, Business Economics or a textbook specific course like Sloman Economics. Having fewer courses might speed up web linking to WinEcon from lecturers' course notes.

To explain, some topics occur in multiple courses and if you follow a hyperlink in the coursenotes, WinEcon will start up and ask you to choose a course from those available to you. If you only have one course in which the topic occurs, WinEcon will simply start up and jump straight to the topic. Please note, however, that introductions and summaries are specific to each course, so you need to be using the same course(s) as your lecturer.

To remove a course, simply locate the course xml file in the winecon71 folder and remove it (move it, say, to your Documents folder so you can return it if required at a later date). In a default installation the location of the winecon71 folder on the c drive (if this is you default drive for installed software) is Program Files : WinEcon Consortium : WinEcon 7.1 : winecon71

Uninstalling WinEcon

To remove WinEcon 7.1 (if replacing with a newer version) replace 6.1 with 7.1 in the instructions below.

If you were logged in as Administrator when you installed WinEcon then you will probably need to be logged in as Administrator in order to be allowed to remove WinEcon.

WinEcon 6.1 or previous version of WinEcon 7.1 can be removed from your computing using the "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features" link in Windows Control Panel.

- Click Start
- Pick Control Panel from the menu
- Open "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features"
- Select "WinEcon 6.1" (or the version of WinEcon 7.1 to be replaced)
- Click Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions

When the ReadOnly File Detected pop-up displays, tick the ‘Don’t display this message again’ box and click the 'Yes' button to remove all WinEcon read only files.