Renewing and Licensing your Institutional Software

The institutional, networked versions of the WinEcon software are sold on an annually* renewable site licence basis.

*Longer licences are available if required, please contact for details.

Each year, two weeks prior to the expiry date of your WinEcon site licence, we will send you a renewal invoice inviting you to renew your licence.

If you wish to renew your licence for a further year please email quoting your customer reference and/or your invoice number. Alternatively, you can renew your licence by returning the completed tear-off slip at the bottom of your renewal invoice.

We will then email you a new licence code which, when applied to your software, will extend its use for a further year.

The software will time out 90 days after the the expiry date of the licence if you do not apply the new licence code.

Once you have renewed your licence you should pass the renewal invoice to your finance department for payment.

Offers available to WinEcon Institutional site licence holders

You do not need to re-install the software to add additional courses - we would simply add the new courses to your renewal licence code, which once applied to your software would enable the added courses.

The WinEcon software consists of a number of courses each of which may be purchased as an institutional site licence. Multi-course institutional site licences are also available and offer considerable overall discounts. For details, please see Institutional Site Licences.

Bulk Student Software licences are also available for institutions to enable them to make their WinEcon courses available as PC based single user software, so students can install the software on their own machines at a much reduced price when compared to individual purchases. For details, please see Bulk Student Software.

If you wish to cancel your licence, please confirm by email or post.