Mathematics for Economics and Business

Information for Students
Available with additional resources as MathEcon CD-ROM with the text Mathematics for Economics and Business (ISBN:1405111275)

Please see MathEcon CD-ROM for more details.
Key features for Teaching
  • Use on site network or PCs as standalone course in whole or in part
  • Deliver engaging, media-rich lessons, courses and supplements
  • Customise to suit your institutional and teaching needs
  • Can be used as a Web-based resource

MathEcon is an interactive and user-friendly mathematics elearning package for economics and business for institutional use. Adapted to support the text, Mathematics for Economics and Business: An interactive Introduction by J Soper, the course demonstrates basic mathematical techniques, while also explaining the economic analysis and business context where each technique is regularly used. By following examples and practice problems, students will learn how to use and apply each of these methods. The software offers hours of tutorial material and includes: interactive exercises and quizzes, practice problems with answers, PowerPoint slides of definitions and an economic glossary.

  • 80+ graphical, interactive tutorial screens and quizzes, glossary and tools
  • PowerPoint slides of definitions and "remember" boxes covering each chapter
  • 23 Excel worksheets demonstrating calculations involving the use of array formulae and Solver
  • 49 Acrobat practice problems with answers
  • For undergraduate students of economics, business and management needing access to key mathematical concepts
  • Offers complete control of pace and style of learning in a fully supported environment
  • No prior knowledge of computing or economics needed
  • MathEcon includes the WinEcon course, Mathematics for Economics and Business. WinEcon is an award winning, interactive teaching and learning package, intensively developed at a cost of £1m under the government funded Teaching and Learning Technology Programme by experienced teachers of economics. The WinEcon software gives complete control of the pace and style of learning in a fully-supported environment that demands no prior knowledge of computing or economics.

    MathEcon can be used as a stand alone course or to complement a university or college course, arranged into chapters, with each chapter divided into easy to manage sections containing topics which comprise interactive tutorials supported by a virtual tutor. The expertly authored tutorials include graphic enhanced interactive exercises allowing students to interact with the models and see how changes made affect graphs, etc., helping students to understand the theory, with interactive questions to test their understanding as they progress through the tutorial. And the easy to use navigation allows students to dip into topics if they don't want to work through a whole chapter or section.

    MathEcon includes innovative features which make it easy to integrate the courseware with institution-wide virtual learning environments (VLEs) such as Blackboard and WebCT.

    For further information on the Web-enabling features, please see Web Linking.

    Mathematics for Economics and Business

    Screenshot 8 (240x) - MathEcon screenshot

    1. Functions in Economics
    2. Equations in Economics
    3. Macroeconomic Models
    4. Changes Rates Finance and Series
    5. Differentiation in Economics
    6. Maximum and Minimum Values
    7. Further Rules of Differentiation
    8. Partial Differentiation in Economics
    9. Constrained Maxima and Minima
    10. Integration in Economics
    11. Linear Programming
    12. Matrices in Economics

    WinEcon topics cover chapters 1 -10 and can be accessed from the MathEcon Resources contents page supplied with MathEcon Institutional or from the Courses page of the WinEcon software.

    MathEcon Resources

    PowerPoint slides for each chapter are included.

    Screenshot 26 (240x) - MathEcon Powerpoint slide

    Each set of PowerPoint slides includes objectives, definitions, methods and main results.

    The slides may be printed as handouts giving a set of key points plus you can alter the slides and add your own notes to them if you wish.

    When used in conjuction with the textbook, Mathematics for Economics and Business, all the material contained in Remember boxes in the text is included on the slides.

    Excel files or workbooks for chapters 1, 2, 4, 11 and 12 are included.

    Screenshot 27 (240x) - MathEcon Excel screeen

    Each Excel file contains several spreadsheets that carry out calculations as described in the text book, Mathematics for Economics and Business, so you can see the formulae used.

    Some sheets are designed to let you investigate the impact of changing parameters in a model.

    The matrix sheets can be used to generate more examples for hand calculation practice, together with the answers.

    Acrobat sheets, in a printable format, covering topics in each chapter, comprise additional practice problems, with answers on the last page of each problem set.

    Interactive quizzes, designed for on screen answering, are available for most chapters in a printable format so completed sheets may be kept as a record of work done.

    For details on buying the texbook Mathematics for Economics and Business: An Interactive Introduction, please see section Buying Mathematics for Economics and Business: An Interactive Introduction.