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FDTL5 logo    Customising WinEcon to fit lecturers' modules.

WinEcon includes a number of features for flexible learning and teaching.

WinEcon can be used 'as is' or in its component parts. Each course includes hundreds of tutorials which can be used to enhance other teaching resources.

The pre-authored courses are arranged into chapters and sections, designed to match taught course. Students can work through a WinEcon course, chapter or section, or dip into individual tutorials.

Each chapter, section or tutorial can also be used individually, and pre-authored courses can be customised to fit an institution's particular modules or texts, and to suit students varying learning abilities.

WinEcon's web-linking gives full web access to any of WinEcon's 1000+ individual topics (tutorials, section or chapter introductions and summaries), each of which can be treated as a separate learning object that may be linked to from your VLE or any document that allows hyperlinks such as Word, PowerPoint, emails, etc.