Customising your PC software

Speed up web-linking

If you have purchased the Student Pack or any other multiple course licence, you will be able to use a number of WinEcon courses. When you access your software via a web link (hyperlink) to a specific topic, if the topic is used in a number of courses you have, you will have to choose the course you want to work in from the Choose Course pop-up when WinEcon first starts up. Leave WinEcon open, and WinEcon will default to the same course when you hyperlink to WinEcon again.

You may prefer, if appropriate, to limit the number of courses you use to avoid this added step, making web-linking quicker.

The Student Pack, for instance, includes Business Economics and Introductory Economics and the courses that support various market leading text books in Maths for economists and the Sloman texts on Economics and Business Economics.

If you are studying Macroeconomics you may not need the Business Economics courses, or if you are using one of the Sloman texts you may only want to use the corresponding WinEcon adapted course.

Remove unwanted courses

You can easily remove courses, temporarily or permanently, from your software by removing them from your winecon71 folder.

In a default installation, the winecon71 folder will be located in the WinEcon 7.1 folder, in the WinEcon Consortium folder, in the Program Files folder on your c drive.

To remove the courses that you do not want to use, select the course .xml file(s) and delete them to remove them permanently, or copy and cut the course .xml file(s) and paste them to another folder on your computer. The latter will allow you to add the .xml file for any course back into the winecon71 folder at a later date, if required, thus adding it back to your available courses in your WinEcon PC software.

Add extra courses

If your institution has produced customised courses, you can add these to your PC software so you can use them when working away from your institution's network.

If you have purchased a licence including Introductory Economics (included in the Student Pack) you may want to add Introductory Micro or Macroeconomics. These two courses are specifically targeted courses taken from the complete Introductory Economics course. If you are studying Macro or Microeconomics, you may prefer to use one of these courses instead of the full Introductory Economics.

To add courses to your software, you would need to download the .xml course file and add it to your winecon71 folder which, in a default installation, will be located in the WinEcon 7.1 folder, in the WinEcon Consortium folder, in the Program Files folder on your c drive. For more information please contact

Once you have added the Macro or Microeconomics course to your list of courses in your winecon71 folder you may wish to remove other unwanted courses (see above).