WinEcon is a 'not for profit' product. All revenue generated from sales is used to maintain and further develop the WinEcon software.

WinEcon's development entailed an estimated 40 person years of effort, involved 35 economic content authors and 17 programmers, and cost in the region of £1m.

The software was developed over a period of five years by a consortium of 10 UK economics departments funded under the UK higher education funding councils' Teaching and Learning Technology Programme. The WinEcon Consortium is made up of ten Member institutions, supported by over 150 Associate Members, and is managed by the University of Bristol. Guidance was provided by an Advisory Group with representatives elected by the associate membership.

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The membership of the Consortium and respective roles and responsibilities are listed below.

 Consortium Member

 Primary Contact

 WinEcon Chapters

 Bristol University

 David Demery
 (Consortium Director)
 0117 928 8437

 1: What is Economics
 9: Macroeconomics Data
 14: Theories of Aggregate Supply
 16: Macroeconomic Fluctuations

 Coventry University

 Dave Blight

 4: Intermediate Supply
 8: Factors of Production
 21: Financing Business

 Leicester University

 Jean Soper
 (Consortium Chair)

 3: Intermediate Demand
 7: Regulation of Markets and Market Failure
 18: Welfare Economics
 23: Intermediate Mathematics for Economists


 Business Economics

 London Metropolitan University

 Chris Elven

 2: Introduction to Demand and Supply
 10: National Income Accounting
 15: Monetary and Fiscal Policies
 17: Growth and Development
 20: Nationalisation and Privatisation

Business Economics

 Oxford University

 Guiseppe Mazzarino

 24: Probability for Economics
 25: Statistics for Economics

 Portsmouth University

 Guy Judge

 11: Income Expenditure Model
 12: Money Supply and Demand
 13: Theories of Aggregate Demand

 Staffordshire University

 Ken Randall

 2: Introduction to Demand and Supply
 3: Intermediate Demand
 20: Nationalisation and Privatisation

 Surrey University

 David Hawdon

 5: Perfect Competition and Monopoly
 6: Imperfect Competition
 19: Insurance and Risk
 22: Introductory Mathematics for Economists

 Greenwich University

 WinEcon evaluation

 Henley Management College

 WinEcon evaluation