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If you would like to place an order for an Institutional Licence or request a quote, please complete this on-line form. On receipt we will contact you by email to confirm the details using the contact email address given below.

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Please indicate, where appropriate, the site to be licensed. Your institution may have more than one site/campus. You will require a licence for each site.
* Courses Required: Please indicate the product pack or individual courses you wish to include in your licence. info
If you order more than one course we will add the extra courses at the concessionary rates available or advise on the best value package to meet your needs. Please see Site Licences for further details.

WinEcon Suite   info
Includes complete library of economic content, all tutorials, all courses - Economics, Business Economics, Maths and all Sloman courses - plus a NetworkPlus licence for network and PC based use. Please see WinEcon Suite for further details.

WinEcon Institutional Pack   info
Includes Introductory, Macro, Micro and Business Economics for institutional network based use. Please see WinEcon Institutional for further details.

Sloman Institutional Pack   info
Includes Sloman Economics, Essentials of Economics and Economics and the Business Environment and Sloman and Hinde Economics for Business for institutional network based use. Please see Sloman Institutional for further details.

Introductory Economics  
Business Economics  
Introduction to Microeconomics  
Introduction to Macroeconomics  
Economics for Schools  
Mathematics for Economics and Business  
Sloman Economics  
Sloman Essentials of Economics  
Sloman and Hinde Economics for Business  
Sloman Economics and the Business Environment  
Introduction to Economics US version  

NetworkPlus Licence: Select option if required.
With a NetworkPlus licence added an institution is provided with a single user licence to give to their students so they can install WinEcon on their own PCs to access WinEcon or links to WinEcon in course notes when working away from the institution's network. A networkPlus licence for an unlimited number of users is automatically included in the WinEcon Suite pack. Not available with WinEcon for Schools.
Licence Start Date: info
If you wish the licence to start at a future date, please indicate the month and year.
* Length of Licence:
Permanent licence available - please select if required.
We will invoice you for the total number of years required and supply a licence code to cover this period. Two weeks before the end of the licence period we will send you a renewal request. The software will shut down 3 months after the expiry date unless the licence is renewed.
Licence Renewal Date: info
Normally, the licence renewal date would fall at the end of the month in which you purchased (or the licence start date if different). Renewal notices for subsequent years will be sent out on the 16th of this month and the software will shut down 3 months after the expiry date unless the licence is renewed. If you wish to choose a different renewal date please indicate the month and year.
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