Business Economics

Key features for Students
  • Use as a standalone course as an interactive textbook on your PC
  • Or dip in for revision, assignments, preparatory or back-up work
  • The full course material with all the relevant theory
  • Access links to WinEcon from lecturer's notes on your PC
Key features for Teaching
  • Use on site network or PCs as standalone course in whole or in part
  • Deliver engaging, media-rich lessons, courses and supplements
  • Customise to suit your institutional and teaching needs
  • Can be used as a Web-based resource

Business Economics is a fully interactive and user-friendly elearning package for further or higher education courses or modules in business economics, finance and management. The software offers hours of tutorial material and includes: extensive relevant theory, interactive exercises, self-assessment questions, economic databases and an economic glossary.

  • 350+ graphical, interactive tutorial screens and case studies, quizzes, self-assessment questions and tools
  • For undergraduate students of business, finance and management
  • Offers complete control of pace and style of learning in a fully supported environment
  • A comprehensive glossary of all the key terms in the subject
  • No prior knowledge of computing or economics needed

WinEcon is an award winning, interactive teaching and learning package for network and PC use. Intensively developed at a cost of £1m under the government funded Teaching and Learning Technology Programme by experienced teachers of economics, the WinEcon software gives complete control of the pace and style of learning in a fully-supported environment that demands no prior knowledge of computing or economics.

Business Economics can be used as a stand alone course or to complement your university's or college's course. Intensively developed and updated by experienced teachers of economics, WinEcon Business Economics is arranged into chapters, with each chapter divided into easy to manage sections containing topics which comprise interactive tutorials supported by a virtual tutor.

The expertly authored tutorials include theory and graphic enhanced interactive exercises which allow you to interact with the models and see how changes you make affect graphs, etc., helping you to understand the theory, plus interactive questions to test your understanding as your progress through the tutorial.

Many topics include links to additional and more advanced information and exercises, so you can tailor your learning to suit your own individual strengths and weaknesses. And the easy to use navigation allows you to dip into topics if you don't want to work through a whole chapter or section.

The software also includes easily accessible section introductions and summaries and an economics glossary and notebook, all ideal for revision.

WinEcon Business Economics gives complete control of the pace and style of learning in a fully-supported environment that demands no prior knowledge of computing or economics.

Business Economics screenshot of 13.2 Gains from Trade

Business Economics screenshot of 11.6 Mergers


Business Economics

1. Business and Economics
2. The Firm
3. The Market
4. Financing the Firm
5. Consumer Choice
6. Market Demand
7. Production and Costs
8. Business Objectives
9. Competition with Many Firms
10. Monopoly
11. Competition between the Few
12. Factor Services
13. The Firm in an International Setting
14. Government and the Firm
15. Key Macroeconomics Concepts and Data
16. Income Expenditure Model

WinEcon Business Economics delivers an award winning, fully-interactive introduction to the principles of business economics. The breadth and depth of this advanced and user friendly teaching package provides the business economics student with easily-accessible coverage of many aspects of the subject.

Sixteen carefully designed modules give the user access to over 75 hours of highly developed teaching materials containing:

  • Extensive Business Economics course material;
  • Web-enabling to link directly from web based course notes;
  • Graphics enhanced interactive exercises and self-assessment questions;
  • A comprehensive glossary of all the key terms in the subject;
  • No prior knowledge of computing or economics needed.

Screenshot Business Economics 5.5 Business Economics screenshot of 7.3 Crude Oil Pipeline

The Web-enabled network version of the WinEcon software is used extensively in leading universities, colleges and schools internationally. When used in conjunction with Business Economics, the user can access these Web Linking features from their own machines.

With the software installed on the individual's machine, students working away from the institution's local area network (LAN) can continue to make full use of the Web enabling features to link to specific Business Economics screens quickly and easily from their lecturer's Web pages. Plus, they can do this without having to stay on line. This is a major benefit to distance learners.